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  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Investigation – Fraudulent absenteeism (CNESST, disability)
  • Undercover (in the workplace)
  • Investigation – Insurance
  • Investigation – Governmental agency 
  • Investigation – Corporation
  • Investigation – Professional order 
  • Investigation – Harassment 
  • Investigation – Compliance
  • Investigation – Collusion (in house, supplier)
  • Investigation of a criminal nature
  • Computer forensics
  • Theft (assets, money or information))
  • Drug dealing and use (workplace)
  • Trademark
  • Non compete & non solicitation



Our surveillance and monitoring services are investigation tools made available to companies in order to verify, if in doubt or where there is reasonable cause, the integrity of their employees, suppliers, insured parties and others. This service has proven to be an excellent way to check on the integrity of the individuals concerned and to gather information about their daily activities.

Our investigators are highly specialized and trained to lawfully perform surveillance and monitoring investigations. The TRAK distinction stems from the fact that we want to do something more, being proactive to collect video evidence and information, deploying functional strategies, and advising our client about a situation. Our teams are equipped with High Definition cameras and sophisticated covert cameras that allow to take very high quality video evidence.

We deliver our written reports and our video evidence in electronic and digital formats, a quick and efficient paper free means.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Case of excessive or fraudulent absenteeism (CNESST, disability, beneficiary)
  • Fraudulent statement
  • Validation of work activities
  • Theft and fraud (materials goods or assets, time, resources)
  • Drug use and sale
  • Illegal activities
  • Non compete and non solicitation clause


Our investigation services help shed light and provide answers to questions in order to clarify litigious situations. Our investigation methods allow corroborating actions, obtaining verbal, written or recorded statements, and validating the information received. Our approach to investigation begins with comprehensive information gathered from our client, implementation of a customized investigation strategy, deployment of the required resources, and delivery of evidence, reports and documents with the utmost professionalism on the market.

Our investigators primarily come from police, governmental and corporate environments. We mobilize the best teams depending on the field of specialty required for every mandate. We believe there is a solution to each situation and that each of our mandates call for a customized approach.

This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Investigation – Fraud
  • Investigation – Fraudulent absenteeism
  • Investigation – Governmental agency
  • Investigation – Corporation
  • Investigation – Theft (assets, money or information)
  • Drug dealing and use (workplace)
  • Investigation – Mystery shopper - Retail
  • Investigation – Professional order

  • Investigation – Harassment
  • Investigation – Compliance
  • Investigation – Collusion (in house, supplier)
  • Investigation of a criminal nature
  • Computer forensics
  • Trademark
  • Non compete – Non solicitation
  • Investigation – Defamation


Our computer forensics services are designed to assist companies and organizations in investigations involving data, computers, mobile devices or networks.

Managers, companies or organizations are forced to manage emerging IT related threats and issues. Among these entities, some lack resources in this new and little known reality. In order to assist their clientele in this area, our investigators specialized in computer forensics are trained to be able to collect and analyze computer related evidence, in compliance with different legislation. They have the necessary knowledge to be able to collect information, data or metadata from a variety of sources: photos or videos, e mails, websites, log files, etc. These investigators, who have extraordinary research skills, can access specialized databases. In addition to those services, they are able to copy, extract or restore data stored on computer systems (computers, disks, peripheral equipment, cell phones, etc.).


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Receipt of e mails (fraudulent, threatening, etc.)
  • Data modification or theft
  • Computer fraud
  • Computer intrusion
  • Fraudulent website
  • Data loss requiring data recovery


The undercover service or “Management analysis in the workplace” as we like to call it, helps to obtain relevant information that guides managers to make strategic decisions. Services provided by a double agent allow to promptly react to a problematic situation or an issue that jeopardizes the continuity and the sound operation of the company, and to prevent unwanted situations.

The management analysis is also one of the best investigation methods regarding the quality of the information gathered and the identification of measures to implement further to investigation to prevent litigious situations in the future.

Throughout the process, confidentiality is ensured by a tested and proven methodology established between the Groupe TRAK manager and the client. From start to finish, the uncover mandate is kept secret and confidential.

Our double agents are selected and recruited according to the client’s criteria and the environment in which the client operates. In the agent hiring process, it is essential to find someone who fits in well with the work environment and the individuals working in it.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Theft and fraud 
  • Drug dealing and use in the workplace
  • Harassment
  • Sabotage
  • Contingency

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