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Renseignements Groupe Trak
Renseignements Groupe Trak


  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Financial Intelligence, solvency and assets research
  • Due diligence for companies and individuals
  • Reputation and defamation of character
  • Websites and social media surveillance
  • Detection of industrial espionage
  • Tracking


Our intelligence services allow sound decision making while reducing risks and threats faced by organizations.

Most organizations more than ever need accurate, reliable and relevant information that will guide their actions in local or global markets.

Groupe TRAK’s approach is to assess the risk to which our clients are exposed and to offer an effective solution that will adequately address or neutralize the risks. Risks may be corporate, financial, political, environmental, ethical, cultural, competitive and personal.



Our corporate intelligence solutions assist organizations on all levels of risk management. We conduct thorough research, analyze and provide relevant information depending on our client’s inquiries. We forward confidential and comprehensive reports tailored to your needs.

With a strong national and international network, we can quickly provide you with the best available information. We understand the urgency when it comes to significant decision making and we will be able to assist you in addressing any issues.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Fraud and corruption
  • Contingency
  • Non compete and non solicitation
  • Unfair competition
  • Trademark
  • Reputation and defamatory risk
  • Geopolitical risk


Our financial intelligence, solvency and assets research solutions enable organizations to limit their financial and strategic risks. Decision making is thus made easier by up to date information that can guide them to take relevant action.

Solvency allows the assessment of a company or an individual you are carrying on business relations with, and to reduce the risks related to that relationship. This service also helps to assess your capacity to engage legal procedures against a given entity or individual as a result of a conflictual business interaction.

The assets research is typically used within a legal framework when you received a judgment or if you want to engage legal procedures to protect your rights. We know how expensive legal procedures are, and that is why we believe that it is worth being informed before taking action.


These services are often used under the following circumstances:

  • Assessment of an individual’s or company’s financial capacity 
  • Confirmation of the validity of a company information
  • Fraud prevention
  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgment and legal proceedings
  • Collection
  • Determination of assets and liabilities


The due diligence enables organizations to verify the validity of the information they have regarding a company or an individual. Often used during or prior to a transaction, it allows our clients to ensure that they maintain relationships with an honest organization or individual, duly complying with laws and showing appropriate ethical behaviour.

In a not always ethical world, where collusion coexists with corruption, it is worth knowing who you are dealing with, as well as the risks associated with certain business partners.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Merger and acquisition
  • Partnership
  • Association
  • Managerial position screening
  • Investment
  • Conflict of interest
  • Appointment of political party applicants
  • Stock ownership


Our reputational and defamatory risk intelligence services are aimed at any organization that could be targeted by malicious parties attempting to damage our client’s reputation and image.

Our approach is to document the reputational damages through various investigation and intelligence techniques in order to provide our client with the necessary evidence so that they can take action or engage legal procedures as needed.

We are usually the third party, after the client and their legal advisor, to intervene in this type of file. Our mandate is to clarify situations, answer questions and provide supporting evidence.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Defamation
  • Harm to reputation
  • Smear campaign or misinformation
  • Unfair competition
  • Libel and slander on social media
  • Information and social media attack


Monitoring websites and social media is an intelligence method that identifies and keeps track of groups, organizations, people or topics of interest present on the Web and in social media, associated with a local, national or international issue.

Words and written statements are analyzed, documented and reported within a legal framework to allow strategic decision making. We provide secure and comprehensive reports, which are updated electronically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Monitoring of groups, associations, people on the Web
  • Monitoring of social media information
  • Screening of available information on the Web


Industrial espionage is a growing plague with the technological and communication means of our time. Industrial or economic espionage aims at stealing and using competitive information, technological or strategic, enabling an organization to gain an advantage over its competitors.

Every year, we work with several companies to prevent and manage risks associated with industrial espionage. These attacks can take a variety of forms: use of technology, leakage from an employee, piracy, threats, violence or corruption.

Intelligence and investigation in a corporate environment, are used to prevent, reduce and eliminate those risks, and to ensure that our clients maintain their competitive advantages.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Electronic phone tapping detection
  • Detection of a group within an organization
  • Sale of information by a group or an individual
  • Copying and piracy
  • Unfair competition


Locating individuals or identifying sources of income are services commonly used to track down an individual’s address and contact details, and/or information associated with income and employment

Such verifications make it possible to enforce a judgment, notify a writ of seizure, summon a witness, or track down an individual or an organization.

Our experience allows us to reach a high level of success rate with our tracing services, delivering a timely, efficient and simple service. Using the latest available information about an individual or an organization, we will be able to begin the search.

Once the search has been completed, you will receive a report containing the information required, by secure, electronic means.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Judgment
  • Writ of seizure
  • Summon a witness
  • Collection
  • Alimony or child support
  • Succession
  • Civil proceeding

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