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Conseil et protection Groupe Trak
Conseil et protection Groupe Trak

Consulting & protection

  • Executive protection
  • Assistance during major announcements, layoffs, dismissals
  • Labour dispute prevention and management 
  • Security audit
  • Development, implementation and updating of a corporate security plan (local or international)
  • Contingency plan (risk, threat) 
  • Emergency measures plan
  • Fire and safety plan
  • Access control plan
  • Development, implementation and testing of emergency measures 

    (Small or large scale)
  • Preparation and management of security/safety and investigation related call for tenders
  • Corporate investigation and physical security consulting (Local and International) 



Our executive protection services allow our clients to ensure the security of people and assets in the workplace. When there is a potential risk, such as special events, trips, announcements, or following a direct threat, our protection services will help ensure that your activities can continue in complete safety.

Our protection officers are trained in close protection, coming from police, civil and military environments. We offer a VIP service performed by personnel highly qualified for this type of work and dressed according to the event or the workplace. Our staff can ensure 24 hour protection coverage, as well as chauffeur services when necessary.


This service is often used under the following circumstances :

  • Protection of managers and their families
  • Assistance during announcement, layoff, dismissal
  • Bodyguards, Close protection
  • Shareholders meeting
  • Corporate event
  • Labour dispute
  • Private chauffeur / escort


Ours solutions to prevent and manage labour disputes begin with strategic meetings to analyse risk and evaluate all the options available based on the various possible scenarios.

Having a highly experienced corporate security and labour conflict manager attending those meetings is essential to provide advice to the client on all eventualities. We often foster the implementation of investigation methods that enable us to obtain precise information several months before a possible conflict.

We can then prepare or assist the client in the development of a contingency and security plan should a conflict occur. At that time, we define different alert levels, and the needs in terms of physical security based on those levels.

Our managers come from private security environments. They have generally served as corporate security directors in medium sized or large companies where they have experienced many levels of labour conflict situations.

Our physical security teams are specialized in labour conflicts. Our officers in charge of disputes have extensive experience and we have developed efficient strategies and methods to ensure safe settling of such difficult situations.


Our security services in prevention and management of labour conflicts cover different aspects as follows :

  • Assistance and investigation strategies to negotiate an agreement that could prevent a labour dispute
  • Preparation of a security plan in the event of a labour conflict
  • Assistance in the preparation and drawing up of a contingency plan
  • Security training for company managers to ensure their security during negotiations and labour dispute
  • Management of physical security before, during and after a labour conflict

  • Executive  protection and investigation services if necessary during the dispute
  • Surveillance, monitoring and evidence recovery in the event of wrongdoings or unlawful actions
  • Preparation of documents and information required for injunctions
  • Transport and escort of company managers


Our advisory services and consulting solutions regarding corporate security cover all the needs that a private or public entity may have. Our expert advisors and consultants work in order to prevent the potential risks and threats to companies, their personnel, clients and suppliers, and even material resources.

Groupe TRAK’s approach is to have the right person for the job, which means that the consultant is experienced on the issues, company and the industry they are going to step into to prepare the different mandates.

As for the client, the use of an expert consultant allows them to assess objectively the measures put in place, to seek recommendations to improve overall security, and to prevent risks, threats, losses or incidents. Our advisors can also support corporate security managers who cannot work on special projects because they lack time and availability.

We are thus a complementary support to in house resources for the duration of an advisory service mandate.

We primarily work with private and public entities for this type of mandate. We can provide our clients with a quote, estimated number of hours and fees for each mandate. We establish schedules to work with, pre approved by the client. We provide documentation and reports in digital form, and each mandate is generally supported by a presentation of information and a series of recommendations.


This service is often used under the following circumstances:

  • Corporate security audit
  • Development and updating of a corporate security plan
  • Development of a contingency plan  (risk and threat)
  • Development of a business continuity plan and resilience
  • Emergency measures plan (EMP)
  • Fire and safety plan (FSP)
  • Access control plan
  • Preparation and execution of simulation exercise to test an emergency measures plan (round table or large scale))
  • Assistance in the preparation of security related call for tenders
  • Corporate, physical security, investigation advisory services
  • Consulting services tailored to specific industries
  • Setting up of a mystery shopper program
  • Physical and information security testing 
  • Training of corporate security personnel  

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